Calico Panorama 2

Welcome to Calico Panorama version 2.  We have been working hard on the new Calico 2.0 and hope you have fun with the new version.  The focus of this version is to give the user control over the process when automatic stitching fails.  The basic steps to panorama creation remain the same (load, align and make) but now you have many new options for fine tuning the result.

New features:

  • Calico 2 now supports manual setting of match points -  You can now set control points via several new ways from matching only the two displayed images, matching selected areas of the two displayed images, or manually picking control points.
  • Cropping is easier - Click the crop tool on the preview window, drag the crop tool to the image dimensions you want and make your panorama (be sure to check the 'apply preview crop' checkbox when the Make window appears.
  • Calico 2.0 includes new tools for analyzing your project including a match table listing a summary of the control points generated between photos.  Double click on any cell in the table to bring up the corresponding two images.
  • Basic image movement is now available in the new Preview/Editor window.
  • Some screen shots of the new Calico are included on the left side of this page.
  • Calico 2.0 uses the same key as Calico 1.x so purchasing a Calico key now unlocks both versions.  Calico 2.0 is a free upgrade for those who purchased Calico on August 1, 2009 or later (i.e. a slightly over a year ago).  You can purchase your Calico key (and upgrade) here.
  • Calico 2.2 is available here.

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